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Alisandra Monroe, Nick East

Nick East isn't the kind of guy who takes a job working for someone else. He normally runs his own show, but when Allesandra needed some temporary help he agreed to give her a hand so long as it was done on his terms. He gets to fuck her as hard as he can every morning before his work day starts and her big tits serve as his own personal cum canvas where she deposits all the cream for her morning coffee. The day she stops trading pussy for office help Nick is done with her… but for now this MILF is paying benefits better than any 401K!

Heidi Mayne, Seth Dickens

In the United States women can’t be the hungry whores they wish they were once they become bosses because they have to worry about sexual harassment suits. If you go over the border and get a foreign fuck like Heidi Maine to hire you instead then you can bet she will be kneeling between your legs with your bone slamming the back of her throat long before you make it to your first official lunch break. Heidi is a MILF Boss and she knows how valuable time at work is so don’t hold back and drag this out… go ahead and white-wash her face as fast as you can. She has plenty of other people… err, uhmmm, “things”… to do today!

Kendra Secrets, Jenner

Kendra Secrets is not your typical employer. For one thing, she only hires men… and for another, all the men she hires are young guys in good shape with a big bulge in their jeans. If you fit that description you should definitely send her your resume and ask for an interview because whether she hires you full time or part time you can be sure you will be spending most of your time balls deep in this babe’s box! Her perfectly shaved hairless pussy doesn’t taste a day over twenty-two… and when you get all the way up her ass you will swear her holes are ten years young than she is!

Lena Ramone, Andrew Andretti

When Andrew applied for this job he had no idea what position he was going to be placed in. He figured he might be a clerk or a stock worker but he never thought he would be offered female cowgirl, doggy-style or full frontal facial as starting positions by a boss as hot as Lena Ramone! It just goes to show you, if you never ask for it you’ll never get it. Just because your boss is a MILF that doesn’t mean she would refuse the chance to have you pump her out and splatter her face with man sauce!

Robin Pachino, Dino Bravo

Robin is a thirty-something sweetheart who spent her teen years getting attention from all the popular boys. As she aged she thought she would have a hard time keeping studs interested until she met Andrew Andretti. He is the kind of guy who knows that hot veteran whores have years of experience satisfying men and know things that the teen crowd would take years to train. Why teach some shy chick how to suck you off when you can get a girl who has already been broken-in?!

Ava Devine, Rick Masters

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Heidi Brooks, Alex Gonz

That sexy white headband was all the rage at her country club this spring but rich bitch Heidi Brooks is not like some slutty tennis instructor sucking off guys in the locker-room before they head out on the golf course — ok well, actually she is exactly like them! The only difference is she tries to keep her whore activities on the down low by doing guys like Alex Gonz at work instead of leaving wet carpet pussy tracks around the club where her husband might catch on and divorce her ass!

Kayla Quinn, Donny Long, John Esposito

Kayla Quinn was a wild girl for a lot of years before she settled down and became a MILF Boss. You can tell by the ink on her shoulder that this chick spent a lot of time on her back servicing men as she climbed her way to the top of the corporate heap one twat pumping interlude at a time! Now she hides her tattoos under her blue business blouse but every once in a while her inner needs still need to be met. Check out the way she treats her new executive assistants John Esposito and Donny Long when her well oiled vagina takes over and sends her brain out on a coffee break!

Sandra Romain, Richard Kline

Sandra Romain looks so damn sexy in her bright red business suit but it isn’t the clothing that makes her a MILF Boss worth lusting after — it’s those shiny red shoes! Even after she peels off her outfit and her underwear she lives those high heels on to keep reminding you that she is the one in charge around here! Don’t fight the power, embrace it and let her show you a whole new way to look at women — from your knees looking up with her standing over you like a goddess, one worth worshiping and willing to grant your dick its every last wish all at the same time!